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Pumpkin Possibilities


Pumpkin FacialPumpkin Facial

Enjoy a relaxing, replenishing pumpkin facial!


Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown The Great Pumpkin
- Itís the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

With autumn already in full swing, the Peanuts prepare for Halloween. The gang goes trick-or-treating, and on the way, they stop at the pumpkin patch to visit Linus because he is missing the festivities, just as he did last year. Undeterred, Linus is convinced that the Great Pumpkin will comeÖ




Pumpkins make me smile!† They come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes and I love them all.† Every year, as soon as these small pie pumpkins are available, I look forward to filling my flowerbox with them. To my delight, the squirrels usually don't take nibbles and I leave them for everyone to enjoy right up to the end of November.


Anita's Kitchen

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

A tasty pumpkin treat!


Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patches Move to the Front Garden

Spotted on a recent walk through a neighbourhood, this Pumpkin Patch adds graceful curves and† a touch of whimsy to the front yard garden of a†local home.


Pumpkin FactsPumpkin Facts
- Some Fun Pumpkin Information

  • The top pumpkin production states are Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California.
  • Pumpkin flowers are edible.
  • Pumpkins are low in calories, fat, and sodium and high in fiber. They are good sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, potassium, protein, and iron.
  • The largest pumpkin pie ever made was over five feet in diameter and weighed over 350 pounds. It used 80 pounds of cooked pumpkin, 36 pounds of sugar, 12 dozen eggs and took six hours to bake.
  • In early colonial times, pumpkins were used as an ingredient for the crust of pies, not the filling.
  • The heaviest pumpkin weighed 1,810 lb 8 oz and was presented by Chris Stevens at the Stillwater Harvest Fest in Stillwater, Minnesota, in October 2010.
Source: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/pumpkins/facts.cfm http://www.history.com/topics/halloween/pumpkin-facts


Upland Hills Farm

Upland Hills Farm
- 481 Lake George Road
Oxford, MI 48428

Visit Upland Hills Farm to milk a cow, attend a Farm Show, see a magic show, go on a hayride, ride a pony, visit the animals in the barns and pick a pumpkin!
Open: from 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. every Saturday & Sunday ending October 31.

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